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Ms. Miko Liu

05 February 2020

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Make A Furnished Sublet Feel Like Home

If you are transitioning between homes or working in another city for a few months, forget couch-surfing. Instead consider renting a furnished sublet. Since it’s not your space, your things or your decor, try these tips to convert your temporary space into a place to call home.

It’s not easy being in transition but sometimes life throws you interesting curve balls and making certain decisions come to pass. Hopefully these tips will make the situation feel a bit more comfortable.

1) Change your perspective. Giving up your current home and subletting someone else’s space is tough. A definite emotional roller coaster, to say the least. Instead of dwelling on the frustration, look at this as a positive, temporary solution. You are mobile, you have a place to rest your head, you may be in a new and interesting part of town and you can take some time to consider your next move with out the stress of staying with friends a day here or a week there.

2) When you put all your things in storage, leave out some photos, books, your favorite lamp shade, kitchen items you use often – just any of your favorite home decor items. Place these things in your sublet and surround yourself with familiar things.

3) Rearrange the space to your liking. If you need more space in the bedroom, turn the bed the other way or if you don’t love the sublettor’s decor, place it in a closet during your stay. Just take photos of the place before you move or changes anything so you can put it all back when your lease is up.

4) Buy some plants for your space. Nothing fancy, just but a few plants and place them in your temporary home. This will give you the feeling that you are “making a home” for a little while. And when you leave, consider leaving the plants to your sublettor.

5) Use your own bedding. Even though a furnished sublet should come with everything, including bedding and towels, consider bringing or buying your own.

6) Entertain friends. Once you are settled in, invite some friends over for some wine or a small dinner party. Entertaining is a great way to feel comfortable and having close friends around you will make you feel good.

7) Unpack everything you brought with you. Forget leaving your things in your suitcase or boxes – that will only continue to make you feel upset or frustrated with your sublet situation. Unpack all of your things, find a new home for them and store your suitcase and boxes for when you leave. You’ll feel better immediately. (see tip #1)

8) Take care of the sublet like you would your own home. Just because the space isn’t technically “yours” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for it like it is. Aside from being respectful to the homeowner, taking care of the sublet will make you feel like it is yours. Clean every week, vacuum the carpet, etc. and your temporary space will feel more like your own.

Have you ever lived in a furnished sublet? How did you make it feel like your temporary “home”?

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